LEGO Desk Drawer 4 knobs Stackable Storage Box, Blue – 40201731


  • STACKABLE: The boxes are stackable, just like the original LEGO brick. Personalize your collection by stacking several sizes in your favorite colors on top of each other
  • FOR EVERY ROOM: Use the storage brick in the kids room, in the living room or in the office. There is a size and color for every need, for children as well as adults
  • IDEAL FOR OFFICE: Personalize your desk with various colors. The LEGO desk drawer makes it easy to organize office supplies, Lego bricks etc. With sizes in 4 & 8, you will be able to design and create your own LEGO desk.
  • SIZES & AGE GRADE: 158 x 158 x 113 mm / 6.22 x 6.22 x 4.44 in – AGE GRADE: 3+