LEGO Minecraft The Pillager Outpost 21159 Action Figure Brick Building Playset (303 Pieces)


  • A hands-on Minecraft rescue adventure with popular characters from the game ? Pillagers and an Iron Golem ? brought to life in a customizable, 3-section LEGO Minecraft playset!
  • Kids will love the toy?s new crossbow-carrying LEGO Minecraft Pillagers. There’s also a cool TNT explosion function, a fully-equipped tent, and an archery practice area complete with target dummies.
  • Players blast open the Minecraft cage with TNT to rescue the Iron Golem then take on the troublesome Pillagers! And, when the battle is over, the 3-section set can be rearranged ready for more adventures.
  • Give boys and girls aged 7 and up this versatile Minecraft playset as a holiday, birthday or any-other-day gift! Great for LEGO fans and Minecraft gamers looking for new ways to play their favorite game.
  • Simple instructions for kids start them building without delay! And if the instructions go missing, you can download a fresh set from\buildinginstructions.